How to use

Install a skin of your choice on your box then via ftp or samba download the skin folder to your computer.

Select an input folder. Select an optional output folder. Press the convert button of your choice. Note that if you select the same input and output folder this will overwrite all the files, so make sure you are working on a backup folder if this is the case.

You can manually select which elements you want to convert, but unless your are testing the functionality of the program, it is highly recommended to keep everything selected.

There is a test checkbox bottom right, that will fill all the converted values to "00000". This makes it easy to see what elements will actually be changed before you do your proper conversion.
On selecting this test option the program will display an error after the conversion as no valid skin size will be found. This is expected behaviour.

The program works by looking in skin.xml for the vres value to determine the size of the skin. If this cannot be found then it will ask you to manually select the size of the skin to work with. This means you can convert non standard skin folders that might not live in the same root folder. For example Vix Common folders.
On manually selecting a size, after the conversion it will again ask you to input the size. (as it reloads the skin when finished) This second message request will be the size after you converted it.

Finally upload the contents of your converted folder back to your box.
Version 1.01
Fixed center, start, end position offsets.
Fixed Clock/Record/Zap icons on EPGs.

Version 1.02
Added in corrupt PNG message.
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